Our Story

It took some grit and grace making some big changes in our company. After allot of mulling over the next steps we needed to take. It was apparent we needed to adapt in a new way, bringing our creativity to life. We totally pivoted from wedding floral design, to fervently recreating ourselves in the curated gift box business. This change came at a time when our whole world was upside down due to the world wide pandemic. We didn't want to freeze in the fear of the unknown. We decided to create something beautiful when things around us were falling apart. We moved and took action rather than letting the fear of this new business idea overwhelm us. Believe me there were some big feelings and praying involved in the letting go of something we loved doing. I firmly believe that in the letting go and trusting God, better things have room to grow. Designing gift boxes truly was a perfect match from a design stand point. We expanded gifting from the niche wedding market and added our market box, corporate, client, custom and special occasion gifts into the mix. There is a tangible need and market for gifting, so that's where we want to be. We realize you need to be surrounded by more joy and happiness especially in these anomalous times. What better way to do that than to give and receive beautiful thoughtful gift boxes. There are so many unique and quality products being curated together in each gift box. We want to make an impact and offer you something a bit unusual and a tad outside the box.