We feel honored to work with such incredible companies that continue to provide us with such beautifully packaged high end products. They are the fabric of our company and the reason we are able to curate such thoughtful gifts.These merchants are more than just companies we buy from. They are are people who we trust and believe in. They are people who sent us free samples and paid for shipping so that we could style, design and get familiar with their brand. They are companies who spend thousands of hours perfecting their products. Each company has their own journey and path. We feel so lucky that we have played a small part in it. We are all interconnected in this business, and help one another thrive. There is a big sense of responsibility to represent each company in a beautiful way. We are thrilled to offer our clients with such amazing products to enjoy.The kindness and support that has been shown to us as we built our brand has been so encouraging. Because of all of you we are able to provide our clients with beautiful gifts. We appreciate you more than you know.

 The Little Black Barn Co. Family

(Home Page Photo: Blake Richard Verdoom)