I'm so delighted you are here! I was born in Littleton, Colorado. However I spent the majority of my life living in beautiful Southern California where I received my BA in Liberal Studies at CSUSM. I love moving furniture around my house + jotting down new gift ideas or finding cooking recipes that are way past my skill set. Little Black Barn Co. Gifting was founded in 2018. We were originally a floral design studio and loved working with flowers. While working with florals we wanted to curate a signature client appreciation gift box. During my research about all things gifting, I soon realized curating a gift box business is where I wanted to be. It took some grit and grace in taking the next steps. Taking action and relying on my faith really paid off. Doors started opening gracefully solidifying that we were headed towards something very special. From the beginning forging strong partnerships with each company has been so important. It has been wonderful to see the amount of support each company has shown us along the way. I'm devoted to continually find the best products and attention to detail so you feel personally thought of when opening each gift. I have my touch of personal style and artistic vision is woven together within each gift box for your enjoyment. 
"I can do all these things through Christ who gives me Strength."
Philippians 4:13