We design specifically for your clients + events incorporating all your beautiful details! Depending on how lavish or simple your gifting needs are, we can select a box that perfectly suits your gifting needs. 

Its a bit like a puzzle organizing and sizing your delicious products within each gift box. Keep in mind that the box size and shape will also have to pair with the products quantities and shapes and sizes. We will provide you with the best box option that will look incredible and fit all the contents beautifully.


We can customize your companies branding by adding a card stock logo wrap with your logo that highlights who you are. We can also add any company information inside your gifts and add logos to a few items inside as well. We have a ton of ideas so we can talk more in detail once we receive your gifting details.


  • Linen Magnet Closure Box (above)
  • Rustic Market Box
  • White + Black Lidded Box
  • Round Black + White Gift Box 
  • Custom Order Box (Specific to order).
  • Wood Crate Lidded Box
  • Customized Totes
  • Grass Handbags
  • Round Hat Box Matte/Glossy
  • Ridged Box With Lid