Q: Can I Order more than 1,000 gifts in one order?

A: Yes, You may order as may gifts as you need per order. We offer large quantity gifting and assembly. We are a full service gifting company so what ever your gifting need is we are able to provide.

Q: Do you only offer wedding gifting?

A: We are a full service lux gifting company: We offer Custom Client Gifting + Event Gifting + Corporate Gifting + Wedding Gifting + Gala Gifting including Donation Product Packaging & Assembly + Baby Shower Gifting + Holiday Gifting + Any Other Special Occasion Gifting.

Q: What is the minimum amount of gifts per order? 

A: The minimum gift order starts at a quantity of (25 gifts) per order. 

Q: What is a good price point for a wedding gift?

A: Typically we offer gifts ranging from $95-$195 range per event gift. 

Q: Can I order gifts with different price points in my order?

A: Yes, you may have different price points per gifting group.

Q: What is a good wedding welcome gift cost? 

A: You can order a wonderful wedding welcome gift at our minimum price point. We can add in delicious food items and customize for what you need. You are able to add in more items as the price point increases. 

Q: What price do your gifts start at? 

A: Our gifts start at $45.00 and up.

Q: How early do I need to make my order before my event?

A: We require getting on the design calendar at least 60 days before your event.

Q: Do you need more time to design the larger quantity orders?

A: Yes, we will typically need more time (90 days+) for the larger orders 200 gifts and above.  The design time frame for the larger orders will be determined based on the gifting details and quantity you need. 

Q: Do you ship to any location?

A: We are a full service gifting company and will coordinate with your venue ahead of time for a shipping schedule. We are also able to ship to the event company so they may take it from there as well.

Q: Do you work with design teams?

A: Yes, we work and coordinate directly with event planners and partner with each event company on their clients gifting needs.


We look forward to working with you! Please email littleblackbarnco@gmail.com for further questions. Need custom printing for your custom gift? We offer beautiful custom printing options that really make your gifts look incredible.