Be Inspired

Sophisticated Color Pallets


There are so many stunning color pallets we can design from, that will take your wedding floral's to the next level. We will explain how certain colors you wouldn't normally think go together pair beautifully and make a statement. This is an investment so we want to design suphistocated color pallets that will make your wedding floral's unique to your vision and wedding.  

Textures & Floral Selection


 We have strong partnerships with the premium flower markets located in Santa Barbara & Carlsbad California. They provide us with the most stunning floral's that are  grown locally as well as shipped personally to us  from all over the world. We are able to select exquisite floral's and unique textures that are only provided due to our strong relationships we have with these markets.  


Classic Hydrangea Arragement

Not every color pallet has to be bold to be admired. A classic Hydrangea arrangement is always a beautiful choice that adds a great deal of sophistication to your wedding. Timeless florals never goes out of style. We have seen trends come and go but the classic floral look always has stayed timeless in the event world and continues to dazzle.


We Cherish Our Clients

 We adore our clients and we have created a business that really devotes the time and efforts to listen to your needs and overall vision for your special day. We of course love what we do but our overall focus is in your happiness and satisfaction. 

We will walk you through the whole design process and want you to feel that you are in good hands. We want you to leave all the floral details to us so that your can enjoy your engagement!

Thank you for letting us be apart of your wedding day!