Dear Clients,

Celebrate Your Engagement!

We take the time to listen to your needs, respect your time, & care deeply about your wedding. We want you to enjoy your engagement, knowing we take your vision to heart. We are a fine wedding florist that designs stylish yet whimsical wedding floral collections for your big day.

We keep your vision in mind throughout the whole design process, while staying true to our aesthetic. We will present more sophisticated color pallets, floral arrangement ideas and placement, and walk through the entire floral design process. We will present a visual proposal during your consultation. That way you can see what we have in mind for your big day.

Once you accept your wedding floral collection and proposal, we will take it from there. We don't want you to worry about all the fine details that goes into your wedding floral collection. We love what we do, and do it well.

Of course there will be questions along the way. We are here at any time to answer them for you and guide you through the design process. 

Our job is to serve you with yes, stunning wedding floral's, but also excellent service. We want you to feel cared for and  add to your wonderful wedding memories.  We are confidant that you will adore your wedding floral collection as much as we do!

To get started please tell us a little bit about your wedding by answering the questions located on the contact page. 

We are excited to work with you!

Attention to Detail & Great Service

We want to listen to your ideas, respect your time, and care deeply about your wedding. We know you will adore your wedding floral collection because we have listened to all your dream wedding details and applied them,  while nurturing strong partnerships with each of you throughout the floral design process. 

We want you to enjoy your engagement and feel confidant you are being cared for.

Little Black Barn Co. Floral Designs

 We know this business and are excellent at what we do. Exceeding your expectations & making you swoon over your wedding floral's is our primary goal.  Now all you have to do is reserve your wedding floral consultation.